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Vegetable Garden

A hedge of bay laurel sets the stage for bright green lettuce, colorful peppers, fuzzy okra, beans, tomatoes, and many other vegetables. Visitors are often surprised by the ornamental qualities of the crops, and a well-tended vegetable garden is indeed a thing of beauty.

Eschewing traditional rows, vegetables are arranged in mixed displays in raised beds. The deep rich colors of lettuce, kale and mustard leaves are among the most appealing in the plant kingdom. Combine this with the great diversity in texture and foliage size and these edible ornamentals are a designer’s dream. Of course, the real stars are the vegetables that grace our plates—beets, cucumbers, squash, potatoes, cauliflower, and radishes. The seasonal plantings of heirloom, landrace, and modern varieties make for a bountiful harvest year-round. This area is a staff favorite, particularly around lunch time!

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