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Plan Your Next Field Trip at Moore Farms

Moore Farms Botanical Garden is the perfect destination for your next field trip! Our award-winning landscapes and plant collections provide a unique experience for all ages and class types. Choose from one of our preplanned field trips below, or work with us to create your own - for FREE. Field trips typically last around 1–1.5 hours.

Your field trip may qualify for our “School Bus Scholarship” program – a program designed to aid in the cost of bus transportation. Be sure to ask us for more details! Upon request, school groups may choose to reserve our Fire Tower Welcome Center for lunches and/or breaks. We also offer four handicap accessible restrooms.

From botany focused groups to art classes, allow us to make your lesson unforgettable!

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Current Field Trips at the Farm

Click one of the links below to sign up for the corresponding field trip. For more information, email or call (843) 210-7582.

Animal Adaptation

In this program students will learn how and why animals adapt to their environment or habitat. Students will be able to compare skulls of various animals to discuss structural adaptations and observe animals for behavioral adaptations....

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Botany Basics

Let’s take the study of plants outside. Students will explore some of the major concepts of botany, including plant classification, identification, and physiology. Hands-on activities include flower dissection and tree specimen...

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Critter Crawl

During this journey students will learn the roles between specific organisms in a garden and how they interact. They will learn about helpful insects, discuss the food web, and learn the importance of pollinators.Students will also get...

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Gardening 101

This program will dive into the mechanics of plant care, specifically vegetable gardening. Students will learn methods of gardening and practice techniques for growing a thriving vegetable garden. Each student will plant a seed to take...

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General Tour

A leisurely, educational walk through the garden. Each tour is focused on seasonal highlights. Tours are 1-2 hours depending on class size and...

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Habitats are Homes

Students will learn about different habitats and the living things within them by surveying garden areas, including a native pine forest and pond. Games and activities focus on the habitats and organisms found right here in our region to...

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Heroes, Villians, and Vandals

Come explore the ins and outs of invertebrates and their important garden jobs: predation, pollination, and decomposition. During this program students will hunt for insects found in the garden, learn how to identify their body parts...

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Living Architecture

Using the MFBG green roof trial plots, students will utilize observation skills and learn to use systematic sampling methods to collect data. Through graphing and analyzing data, students will determine when a green roof is most...

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Students will discover the factors that create weather patterns and compare regional climates. A water cycle activity will demonstrate how water travels around the world in different states of matter. They will learn how these conditions..

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More Trees Please

Explore the structure of our tall, majestic friends: trees!Learn trees essential functions, how they grow and what good they can do for us!Students will learn to identify trees around the garden, what creatures rely on trees, and how...

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Roots to Seed

It’s all about plants! Explore the parts of a plant using the garden as a classroom. Students will discover the structure and function of each plant part by engaging in hands-on activities throughout the garden, from completing leaf...

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Soil Exploration

This program is an exploration of the characteristics of soil, including rock types, biotic and abiotic factors, nutrient content, erosion, and organic matter. Students will use tools and models along with a scientific mindset to...

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The Ecology of a Garden

This program teaches students about the interconnectedness of the abiotic and biotic parts that make our garden possible. Students will be introduced to the garden as an ecosystem and will investigate the ways in which plants adapt to...

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Water & Soil Quality

How healthy is our pond and vegetable garden? Students will collect water and soil samples to test parameters that indicate water and soil health. Together we will analyze and discuss the presence and amount of various nutrients and...

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World of Water

Water is our most important natural resource. Join us as we explore all the ways that water impacts us and our environment. We will learn about the water cycle and discuss how water is distributed on the Earth. We will also view various...

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