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Turf Grass

Whether at the park, on the golf course or at home, most people interact with turf on a daily basis. Perhaps this familiarity is the very reason it’s under-appreciated as a garden element. However, its versatility in practical applications makes it such an indispensable component here at Moore Farms that it’s impossible to imagine the garden without it. More than 14 varieties, including selections of zoysia, St. Augustine, Bermuda, and centipede, are encountered on pathways and lawns throughout the garden.

In fact, turf is the primary means of exploring the garden, as mown grass walkways snake through the landscape like bright green extensions of the garden itself. But more than anything, it just looks and feels right in this rural setting. The temptation to kick off your shoes and step barefoot through the soft grass is so overwhelming on warm spring days, you’d be forgiven for letting your flip flops fly.

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