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Production Center

The production center includes greenhouses, a head house, an outside nursery and a walk-in cooler for seed and bulb storage. Its primary purpose is to produce, hold and supply plant material for the garden, but it also functions as a center for research on plant propagation and water quality.

In order to grow a wide variety of crops, the state-of-the-art greenhouses are regulated by a complex environmental system. In combination with efficient water and nutrient management programs, this system allows for the production of native flora, exotic ornamentals, vegetables, bedding plants and more. If you’re interested in specific growing techniques, visit our plant database for propagation notes and protocols.

The head house is the command center of the production facility. This vital component serves as an office, laboratory, and workspace all in one. It is here that seeds are sown, plants are transplanted, soil is mixed, data is recorded, and labels are applied. In order to maximize production outputs, the head house is located immediately adjacent to the greenhouses.

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