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Formal Garden

In many ways, the formal garden is the heart of this place. And if not the heart, then at least the center, for it is here that most journeys eventually lead. Whether consciously or by chance, this is where we’re irrevocably drawn. Perhaps it’s in the design of the garden itself, as the outlying areas are unrestrained and evocative, but slowly swirl into more defined purpose, like an intricate narrative finally revealed.

From afar, the symmetrical layout suggest formality, but inside its pure plant madness. This area features formal Ilex hedges surround seasonal annual displays, ruled by topiaries and magnolias. The borders spill softly with stately roses, pastel bulbs, and lush evergreen shrubs. The concrete fountain in the center of the formal hedge design is encircled by a weeping taxodium so sculptural, many would mistake it for artwork.

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