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Cut Flower Garden

The purpose of a cut flower garden is to provide ornamental plant material for enjoyment in floral arrangements and other displays. So, with an entire botanical garden full of flowers, why have a cut flower garden in the first place? One reason is that having a designated area from which to cut lessens the pressure in other landscaped areas where a more refined look is preferred. Additionally, a wide range of proven performers can be planted in a relatively small space. By arranging plants in rows or groups, staggering planting times and over seeding, harvesting is much more efficient.

Due to its central location, the cut flower garden at MFBG was designed to be visually appealing as well as productive. Plant varieties range from old-timey, southern favorites like yarrow and zinnias to fashionable floriculture crops such as pineapple lilies and pitcher plants. To ensure optimum yields, plants are regularly rotated in and out of the beds; bare soil is a sure sign that new and interesting varieties will be appearing soon. Creative elements include two trellises constructed from vintage tobacco baskets and a tree laden with buckets, intended to offer easy transport of freshly cut flowers.

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