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Medium: Wood; Plywood; and Rusted Bam Tin

Size: 74’’ x 48” x 30”

Featured at ArtFields 2015

Artist Statement

Beau Lyday

Valdese, NC

“The Quatrefoil” is a classical gothic architectural element. On our honeymoon in Ireland, we stopped at an abandoned chapel that had a large quatrefoil window and the image has stayed with me since. I use the motif in borders and motifs in my furniture. It is such a centering and strong shape, that I wanted to make a piece where the quatrefoil stood alone in its own beauty. The rusted tin barn roofing gives the illusion from a short distance of a very heavy solid casting of iron. It is amazing tome that a classic gothic window could be made out of what people discarded as useless and unwanted.

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