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Ode to Those Who Labor(ed)

Medium: TBA

Size: TBA

Featured at ArtFields 2024

Photo shows artwork in progress
Artist Statement

William Massey

Atlanta, GA

Ode to Those Who Labor(ed) is a large-scale artwork commemorating the local region's agricultural history through stories told by farmers, field laborers, migrant workers, former slaves, and their descendants. The installation at Moore Farms Botanical Garden will honor those who sweated, sacrificed, and got their hands dirty while working the land beneath our feet. These folks toil(ed) relentlessly in order to build up and nourish others, and their work is what made Lake City a viable place to live, work, and grow.

They understood the land, the soil, and sustaining life. Yet rarely are their stories seen or celebrated.

The lead artist, William Massey, ArtFields 2021 People's Choice 2-D Award Winner, will be using historic farm equipment to sculpt a large figure in a restful position. Within the artwork will be stories and abstract portraits of past and present community members connected to local farming.

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