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Moore Farms

Medium: Aerosol & Paint Pens

Size: 288 x 108 in.

Commissioned by Moore Farms Botanical Garden in 2009

Artist Statement

Jefferson Vimana

Sydney, Australia

Jefferson Vimana is an American Australian based in Sydney Australia born in Columbia, South Carolina in 1978. He is a multi-disciplinary artist/musician and a full-time music teacher of 24 years. Jefferson also teaches arts and science on occasion.

Jefferson's visual art is specialized, with a focus on drawing, collage, experimental video art, sculpture, clothes, and installation art, often centered around interior decorating or catering. 

Much output is optical illusion minded work, particularly drawings that operate with chroma depth 3D glasses, as well as Ultra Violet "black light" reactive ink. 

Jefferson's music focuses on experimental composition and improvisation heavy on synthesizers, percussion, and psychedelic guitar work, as well as automatic compositions through conceptual piano improvisations.

His works have been exhibited in more progressive and often DIY minded artists galleries in various parts of the United States, France, Germany, the UK, and Australia. 

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