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Love You Moore

Medium: Unknown

Size: Unkown

Commissioned in 2023 by Moore Farms Botanical Garden

Artist Statement

Mike Gibson

Youngstown, OH

The concept for this topiary is based off afro-futurism what a topiary would look like in the future. I've been developing this style to create illusions by manipulating perspectives through shapes and angles. As you walk into the Tobacco Leaf Lawn, you'll first notice the heart, for Love. As you continue to walk around the letters YOU come into focus. Lastly, when you align yourself with the heart and pan to the right, you'll start to see the word MOORE, for Moore Farms. A form of trompe l'oeil that's hidden within an alien script that was given to my future self in an alternate reality 1000years from now. As you walk around it'll keep changing, so that from every perspective everyone will experience something different. Walk to the mosaic turtle for a better perspective. Take your time and notice the details. 

The message from the future: Love yourself Mo(o)re, and happiness will be revealed.

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