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Just Stop

Medium: Mixed Media on Panel (acrylic, collage, paper, and oil)

Size: 48 x 48 in.

Featured at ArtFields 2014

Artist Statement

Sarah Frierson

Charleston, SC

In my current body of work, I am interested in dealing with the issue of vices, the subsequent outcomes of yielding to or giving up these vices, as well as the changes that we are forced to make in our lives as a result of our decisions. As I face the fear of change that follows after making life-altering decisions recently in my life, I have found these works have become deeply personal. Influenced by artists such as James Rosenquist and Mark Bradford, I have begun creating sign and billboard-related works that explore thoughts and emotions of the human psyche. I replicate tattered billboards on a smaller scale through collaging and sanding newsprint, magazine ads, and layers of painted images. I use the billboard or street sign to represent messages that are put in our faces and subconsciously fed to us, just as memories, emotions, and personal vices weigh on the mind daily and subconsciously influence our moods and decisions.

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