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Core Sample

Medium: Ceramic

Size: 58.85 x 9 in.

Featured at ArtFields 2018

Artist Statement

Brandy Green

Columbia, SC

The earth that we walk on has shaped us more than we shape it. It tells us what we can build, what we can cultivate, what civilization(s) could be formed. It also keeps a record of what has been there before. I am fascinated by the layers of earth as a visible time capsule. My studies of core samples explore those two functions. As a whole, each piece becomes a building block, tentatively but continuously climbing forward towards the future. However, individually they hold evidence of what life has come before that is quietly dissolving away until there is nothing but a vague impression of their existence. In “Core Sample” I am paying homage to ancestors as well as asking the question: what will our layer look like?

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