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Adrian Spotted Horsechief

Medium: PVC Foam with Individual Photographs

Size: 87 x 37 in.

Featured at ArtFields 2014

Artist Statement

Thorney Lieberman

Charleston, WV

This photographic mosaic portrays Adrian Spotted Horsechief of the Pawnee Nation. After having shot two separate life-size, full-length portraits of him – one in his ceremonial regalia and another, separate one in street clothes - I revisited this project with the desire to reveal the constancy with which people can and do integrate all different facets of themselves regardless of what is observable on the surface. The fact that he wore a Pawnee Nation t-shirt in his street clothes emphasized that his heritage does not go into the closet with his regalia when it's put away until the next ceremony. While the two previous portraits separated his cultural and ceremonial identity from his day-to-day experience, that is not truly the case, as he cannot but carry both within himself.

The apparent dichotomy of the previous portraits are not the real or entire truth. This most recent piece is meant to show that we are not Either/Or, but how both are true and contemporaneous.

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